Mistrust, inconvenience and complacency: 

Addressing barriers to vaccination

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About the webinar

Watch the replay to learn:

  • Promising new methods for combatting mis- and disinformation and promoting vaccination
  • How to select channels for effective messaging
  • Best practices for tailoring and segmenting content to connect with key patient audiences


New hurdles are impacting patient decision-making in unprecedented ways, so how can you leverage the right channels for effective vaccine messaging?  

Watch our webinar as three Phreesia leaders: Thea Briggs, MPH, Director of Strategy; Alicia Cowley, MD, MBA, Director of Clinical Content; and Jai Seth, MSc, Senior Research Manger, discuss patients' perceptions around vaccination and what can be done to reach them in a polarized climate. The panelists share how to select the right channels for messaging and tailor resources to resonate with those who may be skeptical.


Thea Briggs, MPH

Director of Strategy, Phreesia

Alicia Cowley, MD, MBA

Director of Clinical Content, Phreesia

Jai Seth, MSc

Senior Research Manager, Phreesia