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Engaging, equipping and 

supporting caregivers

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In 2020, the National Alliance for Caregiving (NAC) and AARP reported a total of 53 million caregivers in the U.S., a significant jump from 43.5 million just five years prior. As the number of caregivers continues to rise, it’s crucial that pharma companies support caregivers and their pivotal role in patient care.  

Our latest Industry Perspectives report, “Engaging, equipping and supporting caregivers,” explores the results of our survey of more than 2,000 caregivers who were checking in for doctor’s appointments, either for themselves or for their patients. The report details the gaps in support provided to caregivers and what pharma marketers can do to help close them.  

Key highlights of the caregivers survey include: 

  • 92% either spearhead or play an active role in their patients’ doctor conversations 

  • 40% say they’re not equipped with enough resources to provide optimal care for patients 

  • 54% want caregiver education to help manage their patients’ conditions 

  • 75% report moderate-to-severe stress related to their caregiving duties

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