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PatientConnect delivers tailored digital engagements to relevant patients

Revolutionizing the point of care

Activate patients and spark meaningful conversations at the point of care. PatientConnect leverages information collected with consent on Phreesia’s intake platform to offer clinically qualified patients tailored, one-to-one health content at critical moments in their healthcare journey. 

Whether appointments happen virtually or in person, we’ll help you empower patients to participate in their treatment decisions.

“Phreesia saved my life. After viewing health content on its platform during check-in, I decided to ask my doctor about a potential treatment for some issues I was experiencing. My doctor ran some tests that showed I had a severe medical condition, and I ended up having an operation that pretty much saved my life. The content Phreesia presented helped me ask the right questions to get the care I needed.”

Chemikia White, Phreesia patient

Connect with patients before, during and after their appointment

Results that matter

Phreesia helps you measure your brand’s exact new patient starts based on the patients who saw your digital engagement, with an average 2020 conversion rate of 8.3x lift over control.

More than
incremental new
patient starts1
lift over control2
(730% increase)
1Aggregate across multiple programs in the last year
2Data based on third-party impact analyses; average lift based on all 2020 Phreesia programs
I like the fact that people have to opt in to see our content, and we are only paying for engagements. This helps rationalize that the spend is going toward a more qualified audience and prevents waste.”
– Amy O.,
Intouch Media

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