Phreesia receives certification from the Point of Care Communication Council, based on audit by the Alliance for Audited Media

Note: As of Feb. 2, 2022, the Point of Care Communication Council is now known as the Point of Care Marketing Association (POCMA).

RALEIGH, N.C., and ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, Ill., Jan. 26, 2021 – Phreesia, the nation’s leading patient intake platform, is pleased to announce that as a result of ongoing auditing by the Alliance for Audited Media (AAM), the industry leader in media verification, it has received certification from the Point of Care Communication Council (PoC3) validating that the advertising measurement systems and methods of its digital point-of-care engagement platform comply with the highest industry standards. Phreesia’s PatientConnect platform was among the first to be awarded the PoC3 seal on Friday, after the opening of their certification process earlier this month.

“We are proud to work with Phreesia to provide third-party verification of their PatientConnect platform,” said Steve Guenther, AAM’s Vice President of Digital Auditing. “Participating in a continuous audit demonstrates Phreesia’s commitment to providing advertisers with a high-quality, secure platform that consistently delivers accurate and reliable data that they can trust.”

PoC3, an organization that advocates for the use of point-of-care media to advance health and healthcare outcomes, recently updated its verification and validation guidance. AAM’s platform certification is designed to measure and meet those standards.

Phreesia completed its initial platform certification in summer 2019 and has continued to perform monthly audits of its campaigns since then. AAM’s continuous audit approach includes a rigorous ongoing review of the targeting criteria used to deliver ads on Phreesia’s patient intake platform, an evaluation of the patient authorization process to receive targeted health-related content and an assessment of the system’s accurate reporting of engagement numbers, among other measures.

The ongoing nature of the AAM audit ensures that Phreesia’s system consistently performs at or above industry-established levels and provides recurring verification that results are accurate, reliable and consistent.

“From day one, Phreesia has been an industry leader, exemplifying the importance of transparency and the integrity of our data,” said David Linetsky, Phreesia’s Senior Vice President of Life Sciences and a PoC3 board member. “We appreciate AAM’s diligence in validating the measures of trust and accountability we value so highly, and we thank PoC3 for recognizing our continued commitment to delivering the highest level of quality to our partners.”

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