The future of omnichannel messaging: 3 considerations

The industry continues to evolve in response to changing consumer expectations and technology innovations, with major implications for media planning—including opportunities to take omnichannel campaigns to the next level.

The industry continues to evolve in response to changing consumer expectations and technology innovations, with major implications for media planning—including opportunities to take omnichannel campaigns to the next level.

With consumers’ growing demand for convenient and personalized healthcare experiences, brands and media planners have ramped up their adoption of digital tools and strategies that put patients at the center of messaging efforts, such as an omnichannel media approach that integrates messaging across multiple channels. Now, thanks to automation and data advances, the future of omnichannel will become “more dynamic with messaging in the moment,” explains José Ferreira, EVP, Product Strategy and Transformation, CMI Media Group.

Although omnichannel messaging opens the door for reaching patients across channels ranging from television to digital communication at the point of care, Ferreira’s vision of an “omnidynamic strategy” takes the concept one step further to reach patients with the healthcare content they need at specific moments.

“Omnidynamic marries the concept of dynamic creative optimization with the patient journey,” Ferreira says. “It’s automation that supports a better patient experience, or serves the patient more efficiently based off of their needs.”

Using this idea of an omnidynamic approach, brands can tailor content for patients based on where they are in their individual therapeutic journey. Omnidynamic messaging can help equip patients with relevant educational resources that empower them to discuss therapy options with their healthcare provider, choose the right medications and understand the importance of adhering to them—resulting in better health outcomes.

At CMI Media Group’s 2023 Omnidynamic Agility in Media + Creative event, industry leaders discussed up-and-coming healthcare media innovations and important areas for brands to focus on within an omnidynamic strategy. Here are three key takeaways from the conference.

1. Evaluate messaging channels

It’s easy to fall into the routine of leveraging the same channels, tactics and partners to execute messaging each year. But brands now have new opportunities to gather data-driven insights that can help them better understand the channels with which patients will likely engage. Applying a forward-thinking mindset to patient engagement prompts brands to explore more innovative messaging strategies, including an omnidynamic approach. Technology can deepen brands’ understanding of how patients are experiencing messaging and what their exposure to content looks like—vital insights that brands can employ to ensure they deliver the right messages to the right patients at the right time.

2. Meet content demands

The need to produce more content is ever-present in media, especially personalized content that empowers patients to initiate discussions with their doctor and take an active role in their healthcare decisions. Artificial intelligence (AI) has emerged as one method to help support content creation. However, it’s important to stay vigilant about the potential issues that can arise from AI-produced content, including an increase in misinformation. Teaching patients and consumers to think critically about AI content and recognize the misinformation it may provide on a digital platform can encourage them to think twice about the resources they find online—which can be especially helpful in combatting false information about concerns such as vaccine hesitancy.

3. Incorporate the patient voice

To resonate with diverse audiences, it’s vital to incorporate experiences and feedback from patients of various backgrounds and demographics. Brands have an opportunity to connect with patients on many different levels, rather than just showing them a single message broadcast to every patient. Leveraging communication platforms that can solicit patient feedback while weaving their own stories and insights into messaging will resonate with all types of patients, thereby creating a stronger relationship with the brand.

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