Closing the gap: Tailoring support for patients with obesity

Obesity is a complex and chronic condition that affects more than 40% of adults in the U.S. It can contribute to a multitude of challenges, particularly for individuals who live at the intersection of marginalized identities. 

As the proportion of Americans living with obesity continues to rise, it is critical for stakeholders across the healthcare ecosystem to understand the diverse experiences, needs and priorities of people with obesity regarding their weight and their health.  

Phreesia and Klick Health co-authored this study, which explores insights from a survey of nearly 3,000 patients, to better understand the healthcare experiences of people with obesity, including how they feel they are perceived by care teams and what the life sciences industry can do to better serve their healthcare needs.  

We hope insights from our report can contribute to enhancing patient-physician communication and educate both medical professionals and brand teams on how to create better, more tailored outreach for these patients to support them on their healthcare journey while remaining sensitive to their unique needs.