Patients in focus: Asthma treatment and perceptions

Proper asthma treatment can help patients manage their symptoms and ward off attacks. And between inhaled corticosteroids, beta agonists, combination therapies, biologics and more, there’s no shortage of available options on the market.

Still, many patients don’t have their asthma under control, and symptoms such as wheezing, coughing and shortness of breath may disrupt their daily lives. And while new biologic treatment options aimed at subsets of this group have proliferated in recent years, most patients haven’t heard of them.

Using Phreesia PatientInsights survey results collected in September 2021 from 5,598 asthma patients checking in for their doctors’ appointments, this report will explore why more patients aren’t trying new asthma treatment options that can alleviate their symptoms–and how pharma marketers can reach them.

Report highlights include:

  • Only 9% of patients were aware of the four biologic brands mentioned in the survey
  • 58% of those who haven’t tried biologic treatments reported it was because they hadn’t heard of them
  • Black patients (35%), Hispanic/Latino patients (38%) and patients with Medicaid (41%) are more likely than their counterparts to experience moderate-to-great impact on their everyday life from their asthma
  • 62% of patients either bring up new treatment ideas with their doctor or engage in active discussions

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